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Fixing those old rubber boots

6 Apr 2024
My good'ol pair of rubber boots was taking in water. We don't throw away, we fix!

I've been using these for years already and I really like them, but some time ago I realized one of them were taking in water. It was hard to discover 'case it takes some time for the water to reach inside, unless fully submerged. Anyway, wet socks are a sure sign something is wrong. I tried to pinpoint the location of the hole, but it was too tiny and hiding extremely well. So..

Let's fix it with brute force!

By chance I had some old sealent that hadn't dried up yet. It was of brand TEC7, but probably any sealent will do.

Get one of these or similar in any hardware store

As mentioned I had no idea where the hole was so I covered the whole damn heel.

Before and after

Drying time might depend on the type of sealent, but about 24h should be good. It smells horrible so let it dry outside, but in a dry spot. The next day I filled a big bucket of water and submerged the "bad boot turned good" for a lengthy time.

Dry sock, great success!

This seems to have done the trick, but to be 100% sure I set out for a good walk a few days later when it was raining and stepped in every puddle I could find. Still good!

Looks even better than before!

I was so happy about this fix that I did the same with the other boot as well even though it had no hole in it. 😆 One can never be too safe and it would probably just have been a matter of time before that started leaking too, so now I don't have to worry about it.

Feels real good to save stuff from the garbage and not having to buy anything new!

Thanks for reading!
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Until next time..
-Alf 😃